Biotechnology firm Novavax stated Friday that research in mice, baboons, and human beings counsel that a variation of its coronavirus vaccine specifically developed to focus on the B.1.351 variant to start with identified in South Africa can elicit “sturdy” immune responses.

That may suggest it shields from both equally the B.1.351 and the B.1.1.7 variant, to start with discovered in the United Kingdom, the business said.

The experiments when compared information on the B.1.351-directed vaccine with facts on Novavax’s first coronavirus vaccine, the organization pointed out, and the vaccines had been analyzed on their own, in mix, and as primers or boosters. The conclusions released in a preprint paper on the professional medical server and the organization explained the knowledge have been submitted for peer assessment.

“These knowledge counsel that not only could one booster dose of this variant-directed vaccine probably deliver a robust, protecting immune strengthen following vaccination versus the first SARS-CoV-2 virus, but also the probable to provide wide security towards many virus strains if applied as a major vaccine program,” Dr. Gregory Glenn, president of analysis and enhancement at Novavax, mentioned in a assertion.

“This wide immune protection is very important to managing the pandemic as variants of problem proceed to emerge around the world that could jeopardize the protection developed by means of ongoing COVID-19 vaccination attempts,” Glenn explained.

In the rodent review, mice were being immunized with both the B.1.351 or initial vaccine by itself, in blend, or in a key-improve sequence. Novavax announced that irrespective of whether immunized with any of people options, mice had been safeguarded when challenged with are living strains of the B.1.1.7 or B.1.351 variants. 

In the baboon review, the animals that experienced been immunized with the first vaccine a yr just before were boosted with a single or two doses of the B.1.351 vaccine. Seven days after a to start with improve, the baboons exhibited a robust immune reaction and the results counsel one particular dose of the B.1.351 vaccine “may possibly be enough” for boosting after former immunizations with vaccines that are primarily based on the primary virus strain, the corporation explained.

In the human study, researchers analyzed serum samples gathered from 30 folks collaborating in Phase 2 medical trials of Novavax’s primary vaccine. The serum samples demonstrated neutralizing capability in opposition to the B.1.1.7 variant, but there was a “modest reduction in neutralizing ability” from the B.1.351 pressure, the organization pointed out, including that the locating supports the advancement and production of a B.1.351 vaccine.