Actress and activist Eva Longoria Baston was among the people speaking out towards the “fetal heartbeat” bill that bans virtually all abortions in Texas

Hollywood actors, musicians and celebrities strike out Thursday at a new legislation in Texas that bans nearly all abortions in the conservative US state.

Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria Baston and P!nk have been between all those criticizing the “fetal heartbeat” invoice, which outlaws abortions further than close to six months — prior to many gals even know they are pregnant.

“But in between (Texas’s) extreme abortion ban & states passing a file amount of abortion limitations this yr, we have to fight for everyone’s reproductive flexibility.”

Singer P!nk claimed: “I stand in solidarity with people in (Texas) who, as of today, face an extreme 6-7 days abortion ban. 

The celeb reactions were being among a flood of responses after the United States Supreme Court declined to block the monthly bill at the eleventh hour.

Whilst identical legislation have passed in a dozen Republican-led conservative states, all experienced been stymied in the courts.

“The Supreme Court’s ruling right away is an unprecedented assault on a woman’s constitutional legal rights less than Roe v. Wade, which has been the legislation of the land for virtually fifty several years,” President Joe Biden claimed in a statement.

Abortion is a touchstone challenge in the United States, provoking potent responses on equally sides.

The appointment to the Supreme Court of a few judges by previous president Donald Trump has emboldened those on the proper — specially evangelical Christians — who see a chance to reverse a ruling they keep as counter to the will of God.